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About Us

Bringing back wonder and freedom to children.

Welcome to Kamui Kids, an Agile Learning Center and Forest Kindergarten provider located in Kinonezaka, Sakegawa Village, Japan. Our journey began as a playgroup in the summer of 2020, and we began accepting children as part of a play open in November, 2021. We founded Kamui Kids as a business in April, 2022, and we are thrilled to announce that we will begin full operations as an Agile Learning Center from April, 2023.


Our Story

At Kamui Kids, our mission is to foster creativity, self-directed learning, and passion-following in a safe, supportive environment for children and adults. Our inclusive community values trust, respect, civic service, and unlimited opportunities for play and self-discovery. We empower children to embrace their individuality and find purpose in nature, self-expression, and personal growth.


Our vision is to create a society that values authentic living in harmony with nature. We prioritize trust, play, autonomy, and flexibility, where lifelong learning inspires creativity and critical thinking, and success is measured by finding meaning in living. Empathy and compassion drive our shared humanity, and we are once again enchanted by art, storytelling, and music. Ours is a society where everyone is valued, and everyone can be exactly who they are without judgment.


Our location in Kinonezaka, Sakegawa Village, Japan, is the perfect setting for our mission and vision. It is a mountainous, forested area with rivers and abundant wildlife. In the spring, beautiful wildflowers bloom, while the fall foliage is a sight to behold. In the mountains, vegetables are available for foraging. The rural community has few households with many farmers and has a long history of habitation from the Jomon period.


The community is threatened by changing livelihoods and economic conditions, and with many elderly residents, there are currently no children. Without any new children or new residents, the community may soon disappear. However, the kind and welcoming residents have shared stories of how children used to play freely in the streams, climbing trees, exploring mountains, and fishing. We hope to once again bring back the vibrancy of the joyful voices of children and their adventures.


The heavy snow in winter provides ample opportunity for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and other winter activities. Winter brings a silence that’s comforting and perfect for rest. The few lights allow the spectacles of starlight and fireflies. The nature is stunning, and the community offers some of the best views of Chokai-san in Japan.


We plan to explore a myriad of spaces at Kamui Kids, including art, storytelling, music, craft, nature, agriculture, community, culture, food, tradition, permaculture, right livelihoods, and appropriate technology, raising animals, play, self-directed education, exploration, adventures, and more.


We are excited to welcome you to Kamui Kids and share our vision and mission with you. Come join us in exploring the beauty of Kinonezaka, Sakegawa Village, Japan, and rediscover the joys of childhood through our unique approach to learning and community-building.

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