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Our Programs

もっともっと柔軟に, もっともっと教育に選択肢を

At Kamui Kids, we believe that children learn best when they are given the freedom to explore and discover the world around them. That's why we offer two unique programs that prioritize hands-on, experiential learning in a supportive and stimulating environment.


Agile Learning Center

At Kinone, we believe in empowering children to take ownership of their education. That's why we offer an Agile Learning Center, a unique approach to learning that puts students in the driver's seat.


Our Agile Learning Center is a place where students ages 3-18 can explore their interests, pursue their passions, and develop the skills they need to thrive in the 21st century. Our program is designed to be flexible and adaptive, so students can work at their own pace and focus on what matters most to them.


The Agile Learning Center is important because it provides an alternative to traditional schooling, which can be rigid and inflexible. By giving students more control over their learning, we help them become self-directed and independent thinkers who are prepared to tackle the challenges of the future.


Our approach is liberating and allows children to break free from the constraints of standardized curriculum and testing. Instead, they can explore their creativity, collaborate with others, and develop critical thinking skills in an environment that is supportive and nurturing.


We invite you to join our community and experience the power of liberated learning for yourself. Join us in creating a brighter future for the next generation of learners. Book a Kikanasu Forest Kindergarten session, enroll in our Agile Learning Center, or join us for a trial session or one of our many events. We can't wait to see what your child will achieve with us!

Kikanasu Forest Kindergarten

Our Kikanasu Forest Kindergarten program is designed for children ages 3-12 who are ready to take their learning outdoors. We believe that spending time in nature is crucial for children's physical, emotional, and cognitive development, and our forest kindergarten provides ample opportunities for exploration and discovery in the natural world. During each session, children will spend their time playing and learning in the forest, mountains, rivers, and oceans, with a focus on free play and emergent curriculum. 

*Children under 3 can participate as long as they are accompanied by a guardian.

★Place:Kinonezaka, Sakegawa Village, Yamagata (or at other locations in the prefecture)

★When:At least two weekends every month(details regarding locations, dates, and time are provided on our website and through our official LINE account.


★Pickup/Drop-off service:Available for an extra fee for some locations, or upon request.

★Please prepare a lunch and gear for the day. A list is provided in the details of every event.

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